Tech & Travel Gear

Tech & Travel Gear

This page contains my personal tech and travel gear - everything I travel with and use to work online. I don't need much, however, the gear I selectively buy, gets used very often. I recommend all of this gear. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Last updated: 3 June 2017 | Some links on the page are affiliate links. At no additional expense to you​, I get a commission if you buy using one of these links.


Mobile Office

Software & Web Services

  • VyprVPN - Secure VPN service
  • 1Password - Password Management App
  • Dropbox - Cloud storage and file sharing
  • Wunderlist - To do lists and notes that sync seamlessly
  • WhatsApp Desktop App - Say more. Save time.
  • Slack - Instant messaging team communication
  • Screenflow - Screen casting & video editing for Mac
  • - Video conferencing
  • Skype - Video calls, instant chat & phoning with Skype credits
  • Pixelmator - Design app for Mac
  • Transmit - Premium FTP client for Mac
  • Polymail - Email client for Mac
    Use my promo code QJVKRE to get a free month of Polymail Pro.
  • Day One App - To journal & writing gratitude lists
  • Pocket - Bookmarking and listening to articles
  • VLC - Open source video / media player
  • Numi - Beautiful free and smart calculator app for Mac