Skwirmish - The EP (2002)

A self released debut EP containing 4 unique tracks, blending the genres of pop punk, punk rock and acoustic rock. Album recorded and produced by Paris Zannos and mixed by Matthew Keeson. Skwirmish was Joschka Thilo, Matthew Keeson and Sean Twomey.

Use the link below to download this album.
Pay what it's worth to you. 

Is there such a thing as a healthy dose of pop punk? I don’t know, I’m no medical physician. Cape Town’s Skwirmish have released ‘The EP’ without the advice from their doctors. The amount of Skwirmish you wish to intake is solely your choice but be warned, it can become addictive. As for the cover artwork, I think it suits the band’s carefree and fun image perfectly.

Blunt Magazine

You certainly learn something new every day. I for example had absolutely no idea that there is an established punk scene in South Africa, 'til these guys contacted me. Skwirmish is a three peace energetic pop punk band that formed in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2002. The trio consist of Josh Thilo (guitar and vocals), Matthew Keeson (drums) and Sean Twomey (bass and vocals). Considering these guys have been together for only one year, the music they come up with is remarkably solid and catchy, which stoked me.

That's right. When I heard this four song EP, their first release ever, I was stoked. I actually think they play better than many bands that's been together for several years. Skwirmish seems to get their fair share of inspiration from bands like Blink 182, Sum 41 and the likes. But still I hear that they have their own original pinch in each song, and I mean, in the beginning we all have to look for inspiration and then add our own spices.

The first track on this EP, 'Party Song', starts off slowly with a pleasant melody after which it explodes into a fast and catchy chorus, with the hook going "Party on, Monday is so far away. Please don't go I know that you wanna stay". I find it a very enjoyable introduction. Track #2 is actually my favourite, known as "Chicks". It's an extremely catchy sing-along song with a great drumming performance and a mind sticking melody in the nifty chorus. I love it. The lyrics are, as you already guessed, about girls.

Third track is downloadable from the Skwirmish website and is also known as their single. Particularly in this song I can hear some Blink-influences, especially in the beginning. The chorus is pretty original though with a drastic tempo-change, which gives it a cool effect. All in all a very good track as well.

Now, the last song has (according to me) the most well thought-out lyrics. I also find this one of the best tracks all in all. It starts with a short ska-ish guitar play, going on kinda slowly until it reaches the faster and pretty mind sticking refrain. Along with "Chicks", this is my favourite and can be played over and over. The lyrics are mostly about teenage matters, which is kinda natural since the guys in Skwirmish are between ages 17 and 20. The vocals-parts are well handled by Josh and Sean, though they can be even better. I also really like the drumming skills of Matthew Keeson, especially in track #2.

If you are into a catchy pop punk sound, this is something I recommend. It's new and with a good share of influences from the pop punk scene. I think these guys are truly talented, and if they keep on working I believe Skwirmish can grow pretty much. All they need is more publicity and some more experience. I wish these guys all luck in the future.